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T i m e s

March 9, 2001

Changes ...

Things are changing at King County, and we have to change with them.

TEA is about to become the recognized bargaining organization for staff and supervisors in Transit's Design and Construction section, and in Wastewater's Design Construction and Asset Management, Planning and System Development, and Technology Assessment and Resource Recovery sections.

Now we can begin doing what we set out to do when we established TEA -- representing approximately 250 previously professional and techinical employees of King County.

Our next business is contract negotiation. Many members have provided ideas they want considered for inclusion in our contract, and I know there are many good ideas yet to come.

The first monthly meeting will be held March 14th at Chau's Chinese Restaurant, 11:30am to 1:00pm. This will be the first regular membership meeting (as described in ARTICLE VIII, Section B., of the bylaws). The primary goal of this meeting will be to begin the process of defining and prioritizing our contract issues.

Who needs to be at the March 14 meeting?

The Council of Representatives - When we wrote the by-laws our highest priority was to have an organization where all members could know what's going on and would have an opportunity to communicate with the membership and Board. This is the primary job of a Council member.

The Council of Representatives consists of one representative for every work group. Each work group will send this representative to any regular or annual meeting. The work group will send a substitute if the representative is unable to attend. The representative's primary obligation is to communicate work group members' opinions and issues to the TEA Board at these meetings and to report to the workgroup on issues of importance in a timely manner.

Because effective communication is the goal, each work group will use its own procedure to select its Council representative. Because some of us identify with work groups that are not necessarily defined by a supervisor, the bylaws are also clear that this kind of work group can ask the board for recognition.

How do members fit into this?

Communication! - If a member doesn't agree with the majority opinion of the member's workgroup, it is that member's responsibility to attend the meeting and make his or her own case. Under our bylaws the privileges of a full member include attending all meetings and voting in any election.

Again - March 14th at Chau's - 11:30am - 1:00pm

It's located at 310 4th Avenue South, near Pioneer Square. At the very least, be sure that some one from your work group attends the meeting.


When we started, almost six years ago, we were committed to the idea that no one could represent us better than we could ourselves. We have finally reached the point where we wanted to begin. What we are, and what we will accomplish now, depends on what our members bring to the table. I deeply appreciate the support that has brought us this far, and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the 14th as we begin our real business.


Wyatt Wood,

President - TEA