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February 21, 2001

Summary of Recent Events
Two recent mediation sessions, held under the auspices of the County's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program, have resulted in a four-party agreement to recognize TEA.

Attorneys for TEA and the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 17 (IFPTE 17), are developing a legal agreement that will be signed this month by the County, TEA, IFPTE 17, and Teamsters local 117. Following the signing, the ADR mediator will review and verify TEA's signature cards. Bargaining for the first TEA contract will then begin.

The Details
The December 5, 2000 edition of TEA Times reported that King County and TEA had reached an agreement on voluntary recognition of TEA by the County. Following that report, IFPTE 17 and Teamsters 117 raised sufficient concerns to halt the County's recognition progress.

Another event contributed to the delay: the resignation of Sam Pailca, King County OHRM's Manager of Labor Relations. Ms. Pailca, who had been so helpful at resolving TEA's recognition request, had been selected by Mayor Schell to manage the City's Police Oversight Committee.

Before she left King County, Ms. Pailca put into motion a mediation process using the County's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program. Mike Walsh, the County's lead mediator, facilitated two sessions, the first on the afternoon of February 2, and the second the morning of February 7.

The following individuals participated in one or both of these sessions:

  • Mike Walsh, KC ADR Program Manager
  • Kathi Oglesby, Labor Liason for Executive Ron Sims
  • Bob Railton, Labor Negotiator, OHRM
  • Beth Dolliver, Transit Human Resources
  • Judy Riley, Transit Design and Construction Manager
  • Maureen Welch, Assistant Manager of Wastewater Treatment Division
  • David Crippen, Supervisor, Transit Design & Construction
  • Wyatt Wood, President, TEA
  • Roger Scrafford, Second Vice President, TEA
  • Severne Johnson, Secretary, TEA
  • Ken Madden, Treasurer, TEA
  • James Cline, Attorney for TEA
  • Joe McGee, Executive Director, IFPTE Local 17
  • Martin Garfinkle, Attorney for IFPTE Local 17
  • Ray Goforth, Labor Rep., IFPTE Local 17
  • Whitney Hupf, Labor Rep., IFPTE Local 17
  • Spencer Thal, Attorney for Teamsters 117

On February 7th, at the second of the two mediating sessions, all parties agreed to recognize TEA. The attorneys for TEA and IFPTE 17 are preparing a legal document that will be signed by TEA, 17, 117 and the County on either Friday, February 16, or on Monday, February 26.

Representative Council
The TEA bylaws call for the creation of a Council of Representatives. This Council shall consist of one Representative for every workgroup

The Council of Representatives shall consist of one Representative for every workgroup (a "workgroup" consists of any group of King County employees under one supervisor).

The TEA Bylaws allow each workgroup to select a representative to attend monthly meetings and to be responsible for bringing employee issues to the Board and the Bargaining Committee. Each work group can decide how to select its own representative. Key bargaining issues will be identified by the Representative Council and presented to the Board and the Bargaining Committee.

The first meeting will be Wednesday, March 14th, at Chau's Chinese Restaurant. The location is 310 4th Ave. South in Seattle; the phone number is 206-621-0006. Lunch will be provided to TEA Council members.

The TEA bylaws are available at http://www.teaseattle.org/bylaws.htm.

Contract Bargaining Committees
There will be two Bargaining Committees, one for supervisors and one for staff. In accordance with the TEA Bylaws, each Bargaining Committee shall have 5 members, 2 board members and 3 members at large.

If you are interested in participating on the first TEA bargaining committees, please contact Roger Scrafford, Second Vice President, Chair of the Bargaining Committee.

Next Steps
Activate the Representative Council and the two Bargaining Committees.

COLA Update
On January 29, 2001, the King County Council approved Ordinance 2001-0029, authorizing a 3.11 percent Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) for non-represented employees. This COLA is retroactive to January 1, 2001.

Payroll has outlined the following bi-weekly payroll implementation schedule:

  • New Rates Implemented: 02/17/01
  • First Pay Check with New Rates: 03/15/01
  • Retro Paid: 3/15/01 (for period 01/01/01 thru 02/16/01)