tea tea times: December 5, 2000 email: teaseattle  

TEA Times

Welcome New TEA Members
The Technology Assessment and Resource Recovery (TARR) section of WTD has chosen TEA as their bargaining unit. TARR includes 12 employees who are WQ Planners, Engineers, Project Administrators, and Admin. Spec. As a result their action, the TEA bargaining unit has grown to 240 members -- 65 in Transit D&C and 175 in WTD.

Voluntary Recognition
A draft agreement between King County and TEA has been prepared and is under review by the TEA Board. Because the agreement is a pending legal contract, few details can be disclosed at this time. Negotiations with the County inevitably take time. We appreciate your patience. A celebration luncheon / Annual Meeting will be held for all members to attend once the recognition agreement is in place.

Contract Bargaining Committee
Help create TEA's first contract: submit a letter of interest by December 15th to serve on one of four Bargaining Committees. In accordance with the Bylaws, each Bargaining Committee shall have 5 members: 2 board members and 3 members at large. Please submit your letter of interest to Roger Scrafford, Second Vice President, Chair of the Bargaining Committee.

TEA Representative Council
The Bylaws require each "work group" to select a representative to attend monthly meetings and be responsible for voicing any and all concerns of the group to the Board. Each work group can decide how to select their representative. Duties and responsibilities for the work group reps are described more fully in the Bylaws. Each work group should select an individual that can attend monthly TEA meetings starting in January.

TEA Bylaws
All members should familiarize themselves with the TEA Bylaws. Copies of the Bylaws are available from Roger Browne. Modifications have been proposed and are being evaluated by the Board. Any modifications accepted by the Board will be presented at the Annual Meeting for ratification by the TEA membership.

Alex Marin has been nominated to fill the remaining term of Juan Paraiso, First Vice President, who resigned in November to take a job with the Port of Seattle. Mr. Marin has been an active member in TEA for the past six years. Please congratulate Alex on his new role in the organization!