teatea times: November 3, 2000 email: teaseattle  

TEA Times

TEA / OHRM Meeting
TEA and King County OHRM met again on Thursday, November 2nd,áto work out the details of voluntary recognition. The dialog was positive and constructive. The meeting was attended by --
  Sandra Pailca - Manager of Labor Relations, OHRM
  Jim Cline - Attorney, TEA
  Wyatt Wood - President, TEA
  Ade Franklin - Chair, Voluntary Recognition Committee, TEA
  Ken Madden - Treasurer, TEA

Organizational Assessment
The County has completed an organizational assessment of Transit D&C and WTD that they requested during the September 26 meeting. Ms. Pailca apologized for the time it has taken the County to complete their work. Items addressed at the November 2nd meeting:
  • Org Charts were reviewed for Transit D&C and WTD
  • Employee lists for supervisors and staff were verified
  • The structure of the proposed bargaining unit was discussed
The group agreed that a collaborative process should include the managers from the affected sections (J. Riley, J. Vaughn, C. True). The next meeting will occur on either November 14 or 16.

Bargaining Committee
Letters of interest have been received from members who want to serve on the contract bargaining committee. The Board will vote on the candidates at the next board meeting on Wednesday, November 8.

Legal Services Contract
The Board is currently negotiating a contract for legal services with the TEA Attorney.

Nominations for 1st Vice President of TEA
Letters of interest are requested by November 16 from members who wish to fill the remaining term of Juan Paraiso (now with the Port of Seattle). There is approximately one year remaining in the term. The position will be filled by a vote at the Annual Meeting in December.