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TEA Times

Voluntary Recognition -
The campaign to collect signature and authorization cards from TEA members has been an overwhelming success. Thanks to the leadership of TEA members Ade Franklin and Alex Marin, TEA has now exceeded the County's required threshold of 70% member endorsement. The authorization cards that you have signed have now become the foundation of TEA's petition for voluntary recognition for a bargaining unit in Transit D&C and the Wastewater Treatment Division. King County values "card-check-neutrality" and grants voluntary recognition to organizations that demonstrate at least 70% support. Please join us in congratulating Alex and Ade for an excellent job; and thanks to each of you that have signed pledge cards!

TEA / OHRM Meeting -
TEA attended a meeting with King County Labor Relations management on Tuesday, September 26, to discuss the terms and conditions for granting voluntary recognition. The dialog was very positive and constructive. The County committed to respond to TEA's proposed bargaining unit within a week.

Meeting attendees:

Cathi Oglesby - Executive's Office Labor Liason
Robert Derrick - Director of OHRM
Sandra Pailca - Manager of Labor Relation
Kerry Delaney - Labor Relations Analyst
Spencer Thal - Attorney, Teamsters Local 117
(Note: IFPTE 17's representative did not attend)
Wyatt Wood - President, TEA
Ade Franklin - Chair, Voluntary Recognition Committee, TEA
Jim Cline - Attorney, TEA
Ken Madden - Treasurer, TEA

Annual Meeting / 5th Year Anniversary Celebration -
The TEA Bylaws call for an annual meeting to be held each year in the fall. Development plans are currently underway for the next TEA annual meeting, which will be held in October. Help make this year's event worth the 5-year wait! Join the planning process by submitting creative recommendations for the event.
Thank you.