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TEA Times

Next TEA Meeting
The next TEA meeting will be at noon Wednesday, April 12, at the Elliott Bay Bookstore. Short notice, to be sure. Still, we encourage everyone -- every TEA member -- to come to this regular meeting. The better the turnout at the meeting, and the more discussion that takes place as a result, the better TEA will be in its efforts to represent your interests.

Topics of the meeting include:

Customer service.
TEA board member Ken Madden will report on the recent Labor Relations Customer Service subcommittee event.

Location of future meetings.
We intend to hold three or four TEA meetings each year at locations other than downtown Seattle. It's difficult for some of you to take the time away from your jobs to attend a noontime meeting, so we want to take the meetings to you. We know that without you the members, and without your participation, there is no TEA.

The King County Labor Summit.
The summit recognizes workers' civil right to organize, and to be represented.

King County Labor Council.
Ron Judd, secretary-treasurer of the Labor Council, will be leaving office in June. Who will replace him? And what does his leaving mean for TEA?

Legal actions.
What is the state of the various motions and petitions that are still before the courts because some State or County organization opposes our right to choose to be represented by TEA? And what new actions have been taken?

Here are a few links to Web sites that have some bearing on TEA.

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