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TEA Times

Presentation to DCFM
Project managers in the Department of Construction and Facilities Management (DCFM) have expressed an interest in TEA. Like us, they have never been represented by a union. Their work group consists predominantly of architects working in a "Project Manager" job class; they also have at least one Mechanical Engineer (PE!).

On February 15th, Ken Madden met with ten of their project managers and their supervisor, Mike Llewellyn. He gave them an overview of TEA’s status, history and organizational structure. He offered our support for their organizing effort. In addition, he put them in contact with TEA attorney Jim Cline.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
A recent Human Resource e-bulletin announced the start of a new program at King County for both rep and non-rep employees to resolve disputes: the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program. After several preliminary discussions, Wyatt Wood and Ken Madden attended a meeting with Mike Walsh and Michelle Meith of ADR on February 22nd. Both individuals are trained mediators.

The program is not about arbitration; its goal is conflict mediation. Wood and Madden discussed the "conflict" OHRM has with TEA. The good news is that they have agreed to mediate our issue. The first mediation session will be scheduled by Mike Walsh in early March.

TEA Meetings
For the next few months, TEA meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month. We plan to email issues of TEA Times one week earlier -- that is, the Wednesday preceding the regular meeting.