1.  June / July Meeting Schedule 
   2.  Wastewater Contract Proposal  
   3.  Transit Contract Vote Results
   4.  Announcements

1.  Meeting Schedule

   June 20  Special Meeting - Wastewater Contract Info, KSC - 8
   June 21  Council of Representatives, KSC - 8I
   June 26  Grievance Committee
   June 28  Bylaw Committee, KSC - 8J
   July  3  Wastewater Contract Vote - Ballots Due 12 p.m.
   July 11  Board Meeting, KSC - 4G
   July 18  July Membership Meeting, KSC - 8

2.  Wastewater Contract Proposal


Please see the Wastewater Contract FAQ on the TEA Blog site.

On June 18th, TEA received a draft Contract Proposal from the County for the Staff and Supervisor Bargaining Units in the Wastewater Treatment Division and distributed copies to Wastewater members in an email dated June 18th.

A special meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20th in the 8th floor conference center of KSC to review the Contract Proposal.  TEA attorney Jim Cline will discuss the Proposal and answer questions.

Ballots will be distributed at a meeting of the Council of Representatives on Thursday, June 21st.  All ballots must be submitted to the ballot box by Tuesday, July 3rd at noon.

There are several ways to submit your completed ballot:  give it to your workgroup representative or a Board member or hand deliver it to the ballot box located in Eric Davison's office on the 5th floor of KSC.  The ballots will be counted at noon on July 3rd and results announced in accordance with the Bylaws.

3.  Transit Contract Vote Results

Ballots for the Transit Staff Bargaining Unit contract proposal were counted today as scheduled.  The results are as follows:

   Number of ballots distributed:  69
   Number of ballots received:     65
   Number of ballots disqualified:  0

   29 voted to support King County's Contract Proposal
   36 voted against King County's Contract Proposal

The following TEA members participated in the vote count:  David Crippen, Patty Overby, Nancy Gordon, Jerry Williams, Eric Davison, and Ken Madden.

Special note:  The vote on the Transit Supervisor Contract Proposal has been delayed until the bargaining unit can resolve questions regarding King County's plan to adjust the pay range for Engineer VI's; this proposal was received by email on June 7th.

4. Announcements

Grievance Committee Seeks Transit Members: The Grievance Committee meets once a month to review, discuss and make recommendations to the Board on formal grievances filed by TEA members.  You can contribute to this important function by serving on the committee.  The retirement of Marc Dallas has led to a vacancy for a member from Transit D&C.  If you are interested in serving or have any questions about the duties and responsibilities, please contact the existing Transit committee members:  Don Marable, Barbara Fariss-Bateman, Ken Madden, or Committee Chair Adé Franklin.