TEA Times for June 18, 2007

A Draft Agreement for Both
Wastewater Bargaining Units

A draft agreement for both Wastewater Bargaining Units has been worked out between TEA and King County.  A repaired PDF version of the draft agreement is available for download from the TEA website

Special Wastewater Meeting Notice

TEA attorney Jim Cline will attend TEA's regular monthly meeting Wednesday, June 20, 2007, from noon to 1 p.m. in the King Street Center's 8th Floor conference room.  Mr. Cline will explain the contract offer and answer member's questions.

The Contract Vote

The vote on the contract for both Wastewater Bargaining Units will close Tuesday, July 3, 2007, at noon.  The ballot boxes will available to receive votes in Eric Davison's cubicle until that time.  John Phillips is scheduling a Council of Reps meeting to gather ballots for their groups.  Ken Madden is preparing the ballots and will coordinate their delivery to John.

Contents for June 6, 2007

  1. June Meeting Schedule
  2. Wastewater Contract Status Update
  3. Transit Contract Vote Scheduled
  4. Announcements

1. June Meeting Schedule

June 5 Transit Bargaining Committee
June 6 Board Business Meeting, 12-1, 4G, KSC
June 7 Transit Contract Info Session, 12-1, 7044-7045, KSC
June 11 King County Council Labor Summit, Labor Temple, Belltown
June 12 Transit Contract Info Session, Staff Bargaining Unit, 12-1, 3D&E, KSC
June 13 Board Business Meeting, 12-1, 4G, KSC
June 14 Transit Contract Info Session, Supervisor Bargaining Unit, 12-1, 4C
June 19 Transit Ratification Vote 12pm, 4G, KSC
June 20 Regular Monthly TEA Meeting. 12-1, 8th Floor Conf. Rm, KSC
June 21 Bylaw Committee, 11:30-12:30, 8I, KSC
June 26 Grievance Committee
June 28 Bylaw Committee, 12-1, 8J, KSC

2. Wastewater Contract Status Update

The Wastewater Contract explanation meeting that was tentatively scheduled in May was cancelled because the County has not completed editing the final contract proposal. The County has indicated that the final proposal should be sent to TEA Wastewater this week. Information sessions will be scheduled and members will notified of the contract ratification schedule in the next TEA Times

3. Transit Contract Vote Scheduled

On May 24th, King County provided the TEA Transit Bargaining Team with an updated contract offer and on May 30th the Transit Bargaining Team decided to put the contract offer before the members for a vote. This announcement is to provide members with a 15-day notice prior to the vote. Each bargaining unit (the Staff Bargaining Unit and the Supervisor Bargaining Unit) will individually vote to either approve or reject the contract offer.

Prior to the vote, the Transit Bargaining Team will hold a series of meetings to discuss the County's offer. On Thursday June 7th at noon in KSC conference room 7044-7045 the County's proposal will be presented and Jim Cline will describe the specifics of the offer to all Design & Construction TEA members. Copies of the contract proposal will be distributed prior to the meeting. Next, on Tuesday June 12th at noon in KSC conference room 3D&E, the Bargaining Team will meet with the Staff Bargaining Unit to answer any additional questions.

On Thursday June 14th at noon in KSC conference room 4C, the Bargaining Team will meet with the Supervisor Bargaining Unit to answer any additional questions.

The contract ratification vote, which will occur by secret ballot, will occur at noon on June 19th.

4. Announcements

Job Postings:

The Design and Construction Section has posted the following positions:

Transit Project Control Engineer III
Job Announcement No.: 07AB6920
Work Location: South Construction Field Office
Opens: 05/30/07 Closes: 06/20/07
This position is open to all qualified applicants

Transit Engineer III (Civil-Structural Engineer)
Job Announcement No.: 07AB6919
Opens: 05/30/07 Closes: Open Until Filled
This position is open to all qualified applicants

Grievance Committee Seeks Transit Members:

The Grievance Committee meets once a month to review, discuss and make recommendations to the Board on formal grievances filed by TEA members. You can contribute to this important function by serving on the committee. The retirement of Marc Dallas has led to a vacancy for a member from Transit D&C. If you are interested in serving or have any questions about the duties and responsibilities, please contact the existing Transit committee members: Don Marable, Barbara Fariss-Bateman, Ken Madden, or Committee Chair Ade Franklin.

Board offers to meet at Satellite Office Locations:

Many TEA members work at remote locations and most TEA meetings are held in downtown Seattle at the King Street Center (KSC). This can create a hardship for anyone whose work site is not KSC. As a result, and in response to a request from a TEA member, the Board is offering to travel to satellite office locations to meet with members. This can be coordinated with an existing staff or team meeting, or at a designated time & place designated by the workgroup. The goals is to improve the two-way flow of information within the union. To request a meeting, please contact Roger Browne at 206-684-1950.