1. Regular TEA Meeting Agenda for August 16 meeting
  2. August meeting Schedule

Monthly TEA Meeting Agenda (Wed., August 16, noon 8th Floor Conference Room, King Street Center

VEBA vote reminder

As announced previously, we will have a vote on whether to adopt the County's VEBA offer for the next three years (2007-2009). Information on the program can be found at the County's employee website, and we will also discuss it at the member meeting tomorrow. Because this impacts only those TEA members eligible to retire during that period, the Board decided to restrict voting to that group. (We will have a chance to vote again on the program after this first three year period.) If you have questions about whether you are retirement eligible, you should check with the state DRS. Please notify Patty Overby by September 15th if you wish a ballot and believe you qualify.

Healthy Incentives program update

A County email announced that Harris Healthcare would shortly notify most County employees of whether they had qualified for Bronze, Silver, or Gold level copay status on the new County health benefit plan, though TEA members would not get this information. Your TEA President contacted County staff to request that TEA members also get this information, since we have agreed to do the qualifying work even though we technically aren't in the program (and won't be until labor contracts are settled). The County agreed to reverse their position and so letters should be going out soon to members. There will be an appeal period should you disagree with Harris' determination of your status.

Nominations still open for TEA Officer positions

Another reminder: You have until August 29th to nominate yourself or a colleague to run for either President, Vice-President, or Secretary. Direct these to the Nominating Committee members Eileen D'Amelio, Christy Sanders-Meena, Doug Williams, or Eric Mandel. Officer duties can be found in the bylaws listed on the TEA website (www.teaseattle.org).

August Meeting Schedule

August 16 Regular TEA Meeting (12-1:30 pm, 8th Floor Conference Center, King Street Center)
August 22 TR Bargaining Team (12-1, 4G)
August 23 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)
August 29/30 TR/KC Mediation (All Day)
August 30 WW/KC Mediation (All Day)


Classified Ads (TEA members can post classified ads for free. Send classified ads to Patty Overby, TEA Secretary at (patty.overby@metrokc.gov)

TEA Board

Eric Mandel, President
Adé Franklin, Vice President
Patty Overby, Secretary
Keven Sandquist, Treasurer
Roger Browne, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Dave Crippen, Transit Bargaining Chair
John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair