1. Updated Clarification on VEBA
  2. Nominating Committee Members Confirmed
  3. Nominations Sought for President, Vice-President & Secretary (3-year terms)
  4. August Meeting Schedule

Updated clarification on VEBA program

As noted in the recent announcement to TEA members, there was concern about whether opting in to the VEBA program would or would not impact the calculation of "Average Final Compensation" for PERS 1 retiree's pension determination. Eric Mandel has contacted the State's Department of Retirement Services (DRS) to get a response on this question.

Here is Eric's verbatim written request and the official DRS reply (emphasis added):

DRS Reply: "To answer your question, the AFC benefit calculation would include the amount of sick leave accrued within the AFC period. In the past, DRS has received questions about whether or not payments made to a VEBA plan are reportable to DRS. The general principle when making this determination is to focus on the payment type (WAC 415-108-445(1)(b). If the payment was reportable to DRS in the form it was paid or accrued, then the fact that the money is entering a VEBA does not change the characterization of whether or not the payment is reportable to DRS. Therefore, the employer will report the payment to DRS as sick leave cash out. I hope this helps in confirming that VEBA is reportable compensation to DRS and will be included in the benefit as long as leave was earned within the AFC period."

To paraphrase, you will not sacrifice any part of what you would otherwise have had included in calculating your PERS 1 retirement benefit pension amount by having the 35% sick leave balance converted to a VEBA rather than paid out in cash on retirement.

For further details on the proposed VEBA program, please note the correct website link is http://www.metrokc.gov/employees/benefits/hraveba/default.aspx.

A reminder that TEA's Board decided that the fairest way to make the decision at this time would be to restrict the voting to those members who have the ability to retire during the next three years. We feel that these are the members who are directly affected, and we will have another opportunity to decide future participation (or not) again after the first three year period. The vote on this will occur in September and affected members will receive a ballot at that time. More information will be presented at the August 16 TEA Regular meeting.

TEA Nominating Committee Members Confirmed

The TEA Executive Board has approved the new members of the Nominating Committee, which per the Bylaws "shall be a standing committee for the purpose of campaigning for and presenting a slate of at least one candidate for each Board Office of the TEA to be voted on at the next Annual or Special Meeting."

We are happy to welcome Eileen D'Amelio, Christy Sanders-Meena, and Doug Williams who join the TEA President to serve on this Committee. The Board wishes to thank them for their willingness to serve, and also extend our thanks to outgoing Committee members Gary Ikeda, Ken Madden, Lee Miller, and Robin Robinson for their able efforts with the committee!

Nominations Sought for Board Candidates - Deadline is August 29th

The Annual TEA member meeting will occur September 20th, and members will at that time vote for three officers: President, Vice President, and Secretary. If you are interested in running for one of these positions or wish to nominate someone else, please notify any of the Nominating Committee members (see above). Please note the deadline for bringing nominations to the Committee is August 29th. If you want direct influence in how your union operates, there is no better way than to become a Board member. All TEA members are welcome to apply.

August Meeting Schedule

August 8 TR Bargaining Team/Committee (12-1, 4G)

August 9 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)

August 10 Council of Reps. (12-1)

August 15 TR Bargaining Team/Committee (12-1, 4G)

August 16 Regular TEA Meeting (12-1:30 pm, 8th Floor Conference Center, King Street Center)

August 22 TR Bargaining Team (12-1, 4G)

August 23 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)

August 29/30 TR/KC Mediation (All Day)

August 30 WW/KC Mediation (All Day)

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