Wastewater Wage Package Approved by County Council!!

This Monday (December 12th) the full County Council unanimously adopted the TEA wage package on our expired WW contract, marking the final step in this long process. Your TEA President attended the meeting, and Councilmembers had no specific questions or concerns. The implementation schedule now is for the new rates - which will retroactively go into effect as of July 1st, 2005 - to be first showing in the paychecks to be distributed February 9th, 2006. The retro pay negotiated will then be payed out on the following payday on February 23rd.

Update on Medical Benefits:

TEA members are getting information about the Healthy Incentives Plan, and have questions about what their benefit plans are or will be. To clarify: both Transit and WW TEA members currently remain on existing benefit plans while the new benefit plan is being negotiated in all bargaining units. You will NOT be getting an envelope at this time asking you to begin filling out the health survey. The TEA Bargaining Teams do encourage you to continue to attend Heathly Incentive information sessions and ask questions there or directed to the Bargaining Teams so you can stay informed.

Donation of Sick or Vacation Leave or Monetary Assistance Requested

The following TEA employees are in need of donated sick/vacation leave or monetary assistance. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping these individuals, please check with your work groups' administrative staff.

Welcome new WW Bargaining Committee & Negotiating Team:

In addition to Roger Browne, Wastewater Bargaining Chair, and Eric Mandel, TEA President, the following TEA members have been appointed by the TEA Board to the Wastewater Bargaining Team for negotiations at the table: Kim Kingsbury, Robin Robinson, and alternates Terry Browne, Diane Fjarlie, Ade Franklin, Mika Kaplan, Bob Swarner, and Bill Wilbert. They will work with the other members of the Bargaining Committee to exchange information and offer advice on the negotiations. Thanks to all for your interest and willingness to be involved!

January, 2006 Meeting Schedule
(All meetings held at King Street Center unless noted.)

Jan.  3 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Jan.  4 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)
Jan.  5 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Jan.  9 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Jan. 10 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Jan. 11 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)
Jan. 12 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Jan. 17 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Jan. 18 TEA Regular Meeting (12-1, Chinook/King Conf. Rm, 6th floor)
Jan. 19 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Jan. 23 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Jan. 24 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Jan. 25 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)
Jan. 26 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Jan. 30 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Jan. 31 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)


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