Updated November Meeting Schedule

Nov. 11 HOLIDAY (Veterans Day)
Nov. 14 Special WTD Meeting to Discuss Wage Proposal (12-1 pm, Elliott Bay Bookstore Basement Reading Room)
Nov. 15 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1, 4G)
Nov. 16 Annual TEA Meeting & WW Contract Vote (12-1:30 pm, Chinook/King Rooms, 6th floor, King Street Center)
Nov. 17 Board Business Meeting (12-1pm, 4G, King Street Center)
Nov. 22 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1, 4G)
Nov. 24 & 25 HOLIDAY (Thanksgiving)
Nov. 29 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1, 4G)
Dec.  1 Wastewater Negotiations begin on new contract

Annual TEA Meeting Agenda (Wed., November 16)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Final Questions on WW Compensation Offer & Ballot Vote
  3. President's Message
  4. Introduction and Election of Officer Candidates
  5. Vote for Board Officers (by Ballot)
  6. Update on Negotiations, Healthy Incentives Plan
  7. Introduction of Financial Plan for Discussion
  8. Issues for the Good of the Order

TEA Wastewater Contract Compensation Package Vote

Most members are already aware that a final TEA Wastewater tentative agreement on compensation for the expired contract period (through June 2005) has been reached. A informational Q&A with the Bargaining Team will occur on Monday (Nov. 14th) per the calendar above. There will be one more opportunity to ask questions before the ballots are called for at the start of the TEA Annual Meeting on Nov. 16th.

This is another huge milestone and the result of a lot of effort on the part of the Bargaining Team! Details were shared with the Council of Representatives this week; see them or the Bargaining Team for details. (WW members were sent the text and summary already.)

Board Officer Candidate Statements

Election of TEA Board officers will occur at the November 16th Annual Meeting. There will be time set aside to ask questions of the candidates before the vote. You can cast your ballot there, or ask the Secretary in advance for either an absentee ballot or a proxy form. (Proxy allows someone else to vote on your behalf.)

Officer positions that are up for election include: Treasurer, Council of Representatives Chair, Wastewater Bargaining Chair, and Transit Bargaining Chair. Note that all TEA members vote for all positions, as the Board is ultimately responsible for all legal and financial decisions made on your behalf.

Candidates for those offices have submitted the following statements and will be in attendance at the Annual Meeting:


Keven Sandquist:I have been involved with the TEA process in a support role to members on the bargaining team. I have had many discussions with field TEA members who have thoughts, comments and opinions regarding our organization. Often, the subject of these conversations does not make it to the open discussion or to those on the Board. Many of our folks who do not work close to the downtown organization and often do not make the scheduled TEA meetings have input that is valuable and important to our association.

I look forward to having the opportunity to participate on the Board as Treasurer and in this role, help to bring the concerns and voice of those who are not able to participate themselves.

Council of Representatives Chair:

Valerie Garza: I'm Valerie Garza, and I ask for your vote to be the Chair of TEA's Council of Representatives. I will combine my listening skills with my high energy to make sure all diverse voices and concerns of TEA members are not only heard, but expeditiously and effectively resolved at the highest levels. I want to help Wastewater Treatment & Transit continue to move forward and contribute to the success of King County. A vote for me is a vote for ACTION!! A vote for me is a vote for ENERGY!! A Vote for me is a voice for ALL TEA members!!! Remember my motto - Festivus for the rest of us!

John Phillips: The Council of Representatives is an important body within the TEA structure. Representatives refer to the workgroup representatives, the first line of communication between the membership and the board. This position is important to the members and the membership should look for a person who is able to communicate between large groups of people and relay information to people in a timely fashion. This person should be able to gather input and present it to others.

I am a communicator. My career is to keep people informed of WTD's activities, talk to people about impacts of construction and solve their problems. I have only worked for the county for six years. I enjoy working here and think the people that work in Transit and Wastewater are top-notch people and deserve an association that is like them. I know how to inform people of decisions, gather input for people making decisions and get people involved in decision making. I know I have the skills to do this position. I know you can trust me to make this new board position work for you. Thank you.

Wyatt Wood: In TEA, the Council of Representatives is meant to be an information conduit and a deliberative body where members can discuss the issues and policies of the organization. At this time, there seems to be a widely held opinion that the TEA organization is tightly controlled by the board and the Council of Reps is used only as a tool to channel information from the TEA Board to the members. At the same time, the very work groups that should be coming together, in TEA, to discuss policies and issues are looking at TEA as a problem. In many ways, the members that are supposed to run the union feel that no one hears them.

I think that leading the Council of Representatives is an opportunity to help our organization remember the goals we share in common and find ways to increase member participation and shared ownership of our union - an opportunity to turn the information flow two ways, from the members to the board as well as from the board to the members. I have regularly attended TEA Board meetings, so I understand the issues TEA is dealing with. If I am elected I will approach critical problems not just with an open mind, but mindful that I will be the collective voice for our representative body. I hope that you will give me your vote.

Wastewater Bargaining Chair:

Diane Britton: My name is Diane Britton and I am running for Wastewater Bargaining Chair/2nd Vice President. I have worked in the Planning & Compliance Section for 5+ years, and have good communication with my peers and with management here in WTD. Currently, every position on the Wastewater Negotiations Committee is represented by engineers, construction management positions, supervising engineers, and program managers - while under-utilizing members who are facilities inspectors, project assistants and administrative specialists. Those of us in non-exempt positions in TEA (about one-third of TEA membership) need to be represented equally as our exempt brothers and sisters on the bargaining committee.

It's time to invite everyone to the table by voting for Diane Britton, who will fight and bargain for that which exempt employees currently have (i.e., executive leave), and to continue to strengthen our entire union to be the model of the unions of the future and which benefits us all.

Roger Browne: Our first Contract was a long process, and, we hear, usually is. Throughout, I made effective use of humor, patience, reason, passion, collaboration and a dash of stubbornness to help get us where we are. It's a team effort, to be sure. If you ask the other negotiating team members, I believe you will find they felt both heard and included in the process. I couldn't have done it without them and the support of the many TEA members who enlightened the County as to what we do and those that offered words of encouragement along the way. Please judge the end product for yourselves, and decide if you want similar leadership for the next contract.

We have some important issues to resolve, including Admin salaries, the Healthy Incentives Program, how the Personnel Guidelines are to be applied to our members and more. I pledge to use all of this fine experience we gained over the last 4 years to move us even further. However you vote, thanks! TEA needs all of its members to do just that - get involved! Make sure your Board knows what you think and what you value. Thank you.

Transit Bargaining Chair:

Dave Crippen: My name is Dave Crippen and I am running for the position of Transit Bargaining Chair. For the last four years, I have served as the 2nd Vice President for TEA. In that capacity, I have been the Chair of the Bargaining Committee. Initially I helped the Wastewater and Transit bargaining committees develop opening proposals and assisted our attorney with the negotiation of both contracts.

After a year and a half, the Transit Bargaining Team requested that I replace our attorney as lead negotiator. Within 3 months I was able to get our mediator to certify the Transit contract for arbitration. I then was the lead person from TEA assisting our attorney as he prepared for arbitration. I feel that my experience in the position of 2nd Vice President will help me as the Transit Bargaining Chair. I have enjoyed my time as a TEA board member and hope to be able to continue to serve the TEA membership.

Elizabeth Morgan: Greetings! I am running for the Transit Bargaining Chair position. Hopefully, many of you will remember me from my term as First Vice-President a couple years back. While in that position I worked with the TEA Board and membership to amend the bylaws to develop and set up our first grievance committee. I also worked with the Board and our legal counsel to bring several "brown bag" training sessions to the membership to educate us on what it means to be represented and to learn a bit more about our rights of representation. My time in that position was incredibly rewarding and quite an educational experience.

However, what some of you may not be aware of is that I was also a member of Transit's contract bargaining team and remain on that team today. I was "at the table" on the transit contract during our round of contract negotiations that led to bringing in a mediator and finally was present and assisted during the arbitration process. Currently we are in negotiations for our second contract and again, I have continued to work with the team. In running for the Transit Bargaining Chair position I feel I bring both the experience of my work on our past contract and my experience in working under that contract. I assisted our legal counsel in setting one Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) claim and before and during the hearing for another. One thing I have learned is that the development of our contract is a process and with each subsequent contract we can refine it to meet the needs of all our members. I would like the opportunity to lead the Transit team in this effort. If you would like to chat with me more, please feel free to contact me.

Final Call for Interest in new Wastewater Bargaining Committee

Contract negotiations for the NEXT contract period (which started July 1, 2005) begin December 1st. If you are interested in being on the advisory Bargaining Committee which will meet to shape that, and from which negotiating team members will be selected, you need to submit your name now (if you haven't already). Contact Eric Mandel noting your interest - thanks!

Donation of Sick or Vacation Leave Requested

The following TEA employees are in need of donated sick or vacation leave. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping these individuals, please check with your work groups' administrative staff.

TEA Board